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The origin of the project

Huellas del Tiétar is a familiar project born in 2013 of the hand of Feliciano Conde aimed at curbing the near on one hundred-year-old vines grubbing-up due to the lack of generational replacement and the impossibility of its winemakers of “living off the grapes”.

It was truly unfortunate to see how the result of hard work, much love and endless illusion of several generations was been torn out. So, we embarked on this wonderful and risky journey that takes us to a small town called Lanzahíta, located in the heart of the Tietar Valley, south of province of Ávila and sheltered to the north by the Sierra de Gredos.

“In Huellas del Tiétar, we recover yesterday’s vines for today’s wines.”

For four intense years we were getting to know the earth, our vineyards and we were recovering their potential to take the next big step: to create the Huellas del Tiétar Winery.

That same year 2017, we joined the Protected Designation of Origin of Cebreros to start being part of a wonderful family of small and almost heroic winemakers and wine growers.

To this day, we aim to place the Tietar Valley and Sierra de Gredos as a reference in high quality wines for a consumer seeking experiences outside the traditional market and that that puts value on labor and local work, respect for the environment, the philosophy of work and, the quality of the final product.

Village state and single vineyards wines

Protected Designation of Origin Cebreros

Comisura - Huellas del Tietar


Production: 1.107 bottles

White wine (70% Verdejo, 30% Malvar, Albillo Real, White Grenache and Moscatel)

2020 Vintage

Vino Vendita frescura - Huellas del Tietar

Bendita Frescura
“Blessed Freshness”

Production: 3.200 bottles

Rosé wine (100% Grenache)
DOP Cebreros

2018 Vintage

Otro Cantar
“Another Story”

Production: 5.210 bottles

Semi-sweet red wine (100% Grenache)


2018 Vintage

Vino Otro Cantar - Huellas del Tiétar

Comisura Tinto “Commisure”

Production: 3.157 bottles

Red young wine (100% Grenache)
DOP Cebreros

2019 Vintage

Relatos - Huellas del Tietar

Relatos ’18

Production: 2.640 bottles

Red wine (100% Grenache)
DOP Cebreros
6 months aging in French oak barrels

2018 Vintage

Relatos - Huellas del Tietar

Relatos ’19

Production: 2.258 bottles

Red wine (100% Grenache)
DOP Cebreros
7 months aging in French oak barrels

2019 Vintage

Efímero - Huellas del Tietar

Efímero “Ephemeral”

Production: 3.500 bottles

Red wine (50% Syrah y 50% Tempranillo)
13 months aging in French oak barrels

2017 Vintage – Limited Edition

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