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Sierra de Gredos
Tiétar Valley & Alberche Valley

Artisan production

Wines with a lot of personality

Protected Designation of Origin of Cebreros

We speak of small rainfed vineyards of sandy, sandy loam and granitic soils, of no more than half a hectare. All of them looking at the Tiétar river located in the southern slope of the Sierra de Gredos, surrounded by fig trees, pines, strawberry trees, oaks, cistus …

The presence of this whole ecosystem allows us to achieve wines with a lot of personality that manage to transport you to their place of origin.

As the wine is made in the vineyard, we treat it with special care, plowing and slaughtering each vineyard with manure from organic farms, in a traditional way.

So that each vine can make the most of the rainwater of spring and summer, at the end of winter we “make their feet” by hand and with a hoe, a task we carry out for approximately 12,000 goblet-pruned vines. It is a very laborious process which these almost century-old vines are grateful for.

“Surrounded by fig trees, pines, strawberry trees, oaks, cistus…”

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